Peter Horton

New Parkland Hospital


This new 862 Bed, $1.2 Billion dollar construction project is the largest project ever secured by WattStopper.

The Lighting Control system is the WattStopper Digital Lighting Management (DLM) product line that provides dimming and daylighting control in the patient areas.   Each patient room has 10 - 12 dimming loads and four switch stations.  All the rooms operate stand alone to improve reliability, and they are connected to a cloud server to allow web access to each device in the system.

Lighting Control Capabilities include individual load control, power monitoring, scene control and demand response.

Key factors in selecting DLM 
System Architecture - Each room operates independently, so a catastrophic control failure would have minimal impact on the hospital.

Open Protocols - DLM networking is the ASHRAE standard BACnet protocol, which minimizes facility manager training and simplifies integration to other systems.

Hospital Staff Preference - A 10,000 square foot mock up was built in which the design team and owner were allowed to compare three different manufacturers solutions.  The WattStopper DLM system proved to be the favorite system with the engraved switches and user requested "ON" and "All OFF" switches that were configured to meet the staff requirements.

Simple Installation - The DLM system uses standard RJ45 path cords to connect the field devices together.  As soon as the device was connected the contractor could control the lights in the space.  
WattStopper committed Pete Horton to lead the effort from bidding, mockup, negotiations and installation.  He is supported by a strong team in the sales, estimating and project management to minimize risk, maximize owner satisfaction, and bring the project in within budget.